Friday, April 14, 2017

Heartfelt Journal by Eileen Hull

Good Day everyone, I'm so excited to introduce to you a new die cut from Eileen Hull. It is the Heartfelt Journal. I had the privilege to make some. 
I can't believe how easy and user friendly these are. It makes crafting a Journal a cinch! I couldn't wait to start creating.

I first binded the two pieces together with elastic. I then covered some of the journals with scrapbook paper and very thin denim. The possibilities are endless. You can material, felt and so much more!

I made a total of three and have them filled with journal inserts and stickers, folders and pens, pencils and of course a picture of my family! 

Thank you everyone who stopped by the blog..I hope you enjoyed it. For more inspiration follow me on  Instagram


  1. Beautiful work! I love what you've done with this die!

  2. Beautiful---Where do you find the lovely flowered inserts?

    1. I made them, from petals & bloom line from Hobby Lobby

  3. Violet! Your journals/planners are sooooo gorgeous! I might just have to "borrow" the denim idea and create one for myself. Fabulous job! <3