Saturday, June 20, 2015

My current Project..A VintageRose Planner Pack

I was asked to take on a project. I couldn't believe what i was being asked to do. I have been asked before, but always as a compliment. Until Friday. Someone asked me to make them a completed Vintage Rose Planner Pack, complete from beginning to finish with accessories. I thought this would be Fun. It absolutely was fun! I can't wait for her to receive it....From my hands to your Planner..(0:


  1. This looks great hope the receiver loves it as much as I do!!!

  2. Hi can u make one but what's the price for it?

    1. Replied..(0:
      Thank you for your on etsy button on will take you to my account..

  3. Replies
    1. Absolutely...if you click on the etsy button on left it will tqke you to my account. I will also include a special gift as a token of my appreciation for your support...

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