Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Planning on A Budget..(0:

 Due to the fact that I am a stay at home mom and wifey, My planning decorations had to be cheap! I saw so many cute planner goodies that i wanted, and, well i just decided to Ebay it..below is a list of what i did to accumulate my planner supplies. 
The Budget can range from $1-$50 there is always something at anyone of these places. From scrapbook paper, sticky notes, crown pens, washi tape and so much more and sometimes less.
1. Target Dollar Spot
2. Michael's & Joann's Dollar spot
3. Etsy
4. Ebay
5. Dollar stores
Now it might take a month before you receive your items but it sure is worth it and you get more bang for your buck.
You all are probably wondering what's less than a dollar..Well, let me to tell you if you haven't jumped on the swap wagon yet. You need to! I have swapped my planner goodies for other goodies and all that cost was a stamp or two. At times it's been more but still very affordable and always fun waiting for  Happy Mail! I also make my own stickers by simply printing them out and glue them to my planner. I use Michael's $1.50 stamps all the time in my planner and you always get 4 in a package. I also make my own supplies. What are some creative ways you save and are still able to plan and decorate your planner?


  1. Hi this is @purple_princess43 over on Instagram. I stay on budget by making lots of my planner things and taking advantage of all the planner freebies on the Internet. I also have a large stash of planner goodies from various places and people (craft stores, Target Dollar Spot and planner buddies).

  2. Thank you for your reply..i will b looking up freebies this weekend..(0:

  3. Hi, im Judith_ho from instagram! I always buy my stickers in dollar shops, they don't always
    Have good ones but i always find something :). I also print my own stickers on a white Sticker sheet which is originally meant for cutting out Labels. What i also like is searching for planner doodles in Pinterest and learn to draw them myself. There are so many ways to save money! My hobonichi cousin itself was the only expensive thing i bought for planning. I have so many more ideas i want to try tho! xxxxx Judith :)

    1. Thank you.. I am definitely going to look up doodles on pinterest I've never done that before...great ideas